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November 21, 2017
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November 21, 2017

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This year Peak Associates are coordinating three student projects with Lancaster University’s Environment Centre. Two of the students are geography undergraduates, and the third a Masters student in land contamination, risk assessment and remediation.

All the projects are based on case studies of sites or areas in the northwest, linked to historical land use by heavy industry.

The two undergraduates are investigating the Lune Industrial Estate in Lancaster, Lancashire. This used to be a very large site consisting of linoleum factories and mills. It is now being redeveloped into housing. The main aspects of the projects are the socio-political issues in the site’s development and the relative ground contamination.

The students will undertake a literature review and investigations to a series of objectives Peak Associates has agreed with academic researchers. The aim is for Peak Associates to contribute to the industries knowledge and determine the best possible practice for developing such brownfield sites whilst at the same time supporting the development of students.

The MSc student is continuing the 2016 project investigating the presence of contaminated land beneath uncapped cycle paths which run through former industrial areas of St Helens. Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) the student will be exploiting tools to cross-reference cycle paths with known brownfield sites.

The student will also be undertaking invasive studies of the pathways for assessing soils for metals, hydrocarbons and asbestos. The aim is to further our knowledge of how developing cycle paths on brownfield sites may actually have health risks associated with inhalation/ingestion of contaminated soil.

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