Sustainable Drainage Schemes

Changes to planning policy in recent years have led to the increased requirement for Sustainable Drainage Schemes (SuDS) to be included in the design of new developments. This change has been led by flooding and sewer capacity concerns due to the amount of green and brownfield sites being developed.

SuDS designs are generally split into two phases. Conceptual SuDS designs provide a cost effective means for developers to include some detail on the proposed scheme at planning stage with a design to meet the standards of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) stage 2.

Once planning approval has been obtained a detailed SuDS design can be developed which will include more detail on the scheme at RIBA stages 3-6.

Peak Associates has experience in this area having worked on developments across the North West of England ranging from small residential developments to one of the largest developments in Manchester. Peak’s engineering team can provide vital help and support throughout the developments progress to ensure that the design can remain flexible and incorporate any issues that are discovered as the build progresses (such as a groundwater spring found on a recent site).

Sustainable Drainage Schemes designs are increasingly being recommended in Strategic Flood Risk Assessments by Local Authorities and are required for residential developments with ten properties or commercial developments of a similar size.

Summary of benefits:

  • A site specific report (conceptual or detailed design) tailored to meet your needs
  • Understanding of hydrology and flood risk
  • Innovative approach to problem solving
  • Designs that include a failsafe to minimise flood risk during high intensity rainfall

Peak Associates also has a wealth of experience in Flood Risk Assessments, foul drainage design, and contaminated land ensuring we can provide a full range of services to our developer clients.

Sustainable Drainage Schemes case studies

Commercial development, Yorkshire

A joint FRA and Conceptual SuDS report was produced by Peak Associates for a former industrial site in Dewsbury, Yorkshire.

The site is located near a flood relief channel and the detailed FRA included recommendations for safe egress in the event of a flood as well as the installation of an early warning system. The SuDS design included a pond to act as attenuation storage and to provide some amenity use.

As with all Peak Associates SuDS designs care was taken at design stage to ensure that a fail safe route for high intensity rain fall was included into the design.

Peak Associates hopes to provide a detailed SuDS design for this site once the contaminated land issues have been resolved.

Residential development, Warrington

Peak Associates have produced a detailed SuDS design for a site in Warrington. The site had a number of technical issues that had to be overcome including an existing surface water drainage route and spring system.

A SuDS design was provided to also provide some mitigation for the loss of trees removed from the site.

The design included a use of a failsafe system to an existing surface water system to ensure that the site won’t flood.