Pollution Prevention

Peak Associates can design and deliver a range of pollution prevention measures to meet the needs of our clients. This can include the assessment and inspection of existing drainage infrastructure, civil engineering to reduce pollution to controlled water bodies, and appropriate use of containment to prevent material loss. Peak Associates has had experience in preventing pollution through work on various sites and pollutants. Each site will have different challenges and Peak Associate’s skilled consultants can deliver a bespoke program of sampling, drain survey and analysis, pollutant treatment and ongoing auditing.

This service can include:

  • Water sampling to BS5667 for organic and inorganic pollutants.
  • Soil sampling for organic and inorganic pollutants.
  • Reed bed and constructed wetland assessment and design.
  • Drain surveys with CCTV and dye tests of drain flow
  • Access to UKAS accredited environmental laboratories
  • Effluent treatment assessment and auditing.
  • Fast response and dedicated customer service.
  • Legal guidance on regulatory rules and guidelines.

Carlisle Abattoir

Drainage management and waste water treatment at an abattoir, Carlisle.

In 2009 an abattoir near Carlisle, Cumbria, was facing prosecution by the Environment Agency for polluting a nearby watercourse. Detailed drainage surveying by Peak Associates isolated old land drains on the former farm and a series of improvements were made on the site to prevent further pollution.

The solutions included the installation of a sewage treatment plant and reed bed system which Peak Associates monitor quarterly. There is no longer a risk to the watercourse and the site operator remains compliant with their water discharge permit.

Mushroom Producer

Peak Associates is providing solutions for a mushroom producer who use a significant volume of water daily which is loaded with solids from the growth sheds.

A series of settlement ponds and a reed bed were overwhelmed with the daily input that their discharge to the local watercourse was causing pollution. Peak Associates worked with the site staff to prevent any further pollution whilst improvements were made to the reed bed. This included installation of aeration pipes and new reeds to improve the reed bed performance.

Regular monitoring of the reed bed has shown dramatic reduction in biochemical oxygen demand to allow the producer to again discharge to watercourse under a water discharge permit.