Foul Drainage

Peak Associates has a wealth of over 20 years’ experience in foul drainage investigation and design. We specialise in the investigation of existing systems as well as the design of private sewage treatment works and connections to existing public sewers.

Peak have completed designs for numerous clients during our 20-year history including small residential developments, large residential developments, and some of the country’s best known Parks and Country Estates.

We offer a range of services including drainage investigation by dye tracing and CCTV to assess the routes and condition of existing drainage. Feasibility and sizing surveys to assess the drainage requirements for new developments or upgrades to existing sites.

We have experience of liaising with regulators to ensure that the appropriate permissions are in place such as planning applications, building notices, and Environmental Permits.

Our engineering team can assist during the works to help deal with any issues that may arise and provide help and guidance to contractors.

Peak Associates also provide an ongoing monitoring programme for a number of clients to undertake quarterly or bi annual performance assessments of the sewage treatment plants against their permitted limits. Clients including schools, nursing homes, residential properties, business parks and leisure facilities appreciate the peace of mind that this service offers as well as welcoming the recommendations and advice we make on how the system can be improved to ensure that the site remains compliant with the terms of their permit. This service also includes the management of desludge and service engineers to ensure that all aspects of their systems are managed.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Wealth of experience in treatment systems and drainage design
  • Liaison with regulators
  • After care advice and support including regular monitoring
  • Provide site drainage plans that can be used, for example, in emergency planning

Foul Drainage Case Studies

Housing development, Derbyshire

Peak Associates have provided a number of services for the development of a former farm in Stretton, Derbyshire, the most recent being a feasibility report to assess the most suitable means of discharging the foul and surface water that will be generated by the site.

The work involved percolation tests at the site and conceptual designs for the location of a treatment plant and soakaway for the foul discharge. Peak also completed the Environmental Permit for the site and will liaise with the Environment Agency throughout the process to ensure this runs smoothly for our client.

The conceptual SuDS design involves the use of soakaways in the residential gardens and a larger soakaway and wetland to ensure that the design will provide storage for high intensity rainfall events.

Country Estate, Stockport

Peak Associates have worked with one of the UK’s leading heritage organisations at a number of their “mansion” properties throughout England and Wales for many years. Our most recent project was at Lyme Park in Disley, Stockport. A drainage investigation was undertaken to assess the state of the existing foul and surface water drainage on the estate. A review of a wealth of historic plans was also undertaken to help find old and often buried drainage features on the estate.

Additional investigations will now be targeted to ensure that the site will finally have a full and detailed drainage plan of the whole estate which will help with the planning of future developments.

Peak Associates also assisted with a monitoring survey of the estates effluent discharge over a 12 month period. The study has provided information which has helped the estate with future developments, and helped to assess the efficiency of the Victorian sewage treatment works. With some maintenance work by National Trust staff the works are operating well.