Our People

Mike Matthews / Managing Director

Mike's former role as an Enforcement Officer with the National Rivers Authority (now the Environment Agency) means he is well qualified in relation to the collation of evidence for problems that could lead to Civil and Criminal Legal Action, and is also well versed in Agency requirements and protocol. His particular areas of technical experience relate to Due Diligence, Trade Effluents, Soil and Groundwater Contamination, and Impact of Effluents or Releases on Controlled Waters.

Contaminated Land Team

Our contaminated land team deals with all aspects of site investigations; Phase 1 assessments, Phase 2 (intrusive) investigations, remedial design, supervision and validation of remediation. We are also capable of geotech testing to aid foundation design for new developments. Previous experience at the EA gives us further insight into the requirements of the regulators on these projects. The range of experience in geo-environmental and hydrological assessments across our offices means that the Geo-team are able to provide detailed and comprehensive advice and reports on land contamination issues at your site to satisfy regulatory and planning requirements. See our related services page for more information.

The Conland-team also work in partnership with other areas of the business to offer comprehensive planning support and development of suitable drainage and SUDS schemes for your site.

Legal Defence and Mitigation Team

Our staff have worked on a number of cases providing expert witness reports and mitigation advice following enforcement action by regulators. Supported by Peak Associates' consultant staff in the regional offices, our regulatory background means that we understand the requirements of the regulators, and the potential errors that can be made both on site and by the regulators. Additional input from our associated service providers allows Peak Associates to provide full legal support to any action taken by the regulators. Our expertise and experience in this field means that our Legal Team are able and prepared to work with the regulators to accomplish an out of court settlement or to provide defence in court, as appropriate to your site and case. Our legal team have successful negotiated settlements with the regulators, and also successfully defended clients in court who have been incorrectly prosecuted by the Environment Agency.

Drainage and Effluent Treatment Project Team

Our team of site engineers, senior consultants and graduate consultants ensures that full site information can be gained to allow the best solution to be tailored to your site, at the best price possible. This can cover provision of simple re-drainage, to sizing and design of entirely new private sewage treatment works, dependent on your individual site requirements.

The expertise and experience in this project team allows Peak to provide full design support, tender/specification production and contractor supervision to manage the project from initial design to completion.