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January 15, 2019
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January 15, 2019

Peak successful in taking on the regulators

The Peak Associates team have been successful in once again taking on regulators and their incorrect practices, providing an expert witness report following which all charges against our client were dropped.

Although we cannot disclose information about our clients, this case involved a sewage discharge from a food production factory. It was claimed that our client had discharge high levels of oil and grease to the sewer. However, the regulator sampling the site was found to have dirty sampling equipment and chose to sample at a point where multiple discharges were occurring.

Peak Associates recognised that this sample point was not representative of the trade effluent leaving our client’s site and argued the case.

The Peak Associates team are proud to have provided an important expert witness report and have continued to work with this company, ensuring all further sampling by the regulators is done correctly.

Peak Associates are now also working alongside three of the biggest water companies in the country on a number of legal cases and will continue to provide a consistent, critical and courteous service.


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