Recovery, Reuse and Sustainable Treatment of Glycol Contaminated Run-off at Airports
December 20, 2016
Peak In The Community
November 21, 2017

In 2012 Peak Associates completed a surface water investigation at a large hospital in Cumbria. Our investigation confirmed that a large proportion of the main drainage routes discharged to a culverted watercourse and not into the main sewer network.

Peak Associates were able to verify that not only was the hospital being overcharged for a large proportion of surface water, but that they were also still being charged for a portion of the site which had been demolished. Removing this from their chargeable area also reduced their Highway charge. On completion of this, the total saving for the hospital was in excess of £41,000 pounds per year.

The hospital is currently undergoing redevelopment and our client expressed an interest in exploring the potential options for redrainage work to reduce their surface water costs further. In 2014 a CCTV survey was undertaken by a Metro Rod whom has been commissioned by the Hospital to repair the foul and surface water drainage. The CCTV survey completed as part of this works highlighted that a sewer marked on United Utilities (UU) network plan was labelled incorrectly.

Further investigation by Peak Associates resulted in the UU confirming that an asset that was marked on their network plan as a UU asset was incorrect and the sewer was actually a private sewer owned by the hospital. Based on our investigations Peak Associates have applied to the UU to have the hospital service water charges reduced again. The regeneration area has a completion date of December 2014 and once the appeal is complete our client should make a further annual saving of £25,000 pounds.



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