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May 10, 2018
Are Regulators Getting Tougher with Trade Effluent?
May 30, 2018

Nurturing organic growth

Since completion of my Masters degree at Lancaster university I have been working for Peak Associates as their newest graduate consultant. I have been regularly surprised by the differences between academia and working life but thrive on the additional complexity of the projects and the interactions with the personnel on the front line of England’s industry, construction and agricultural fields. The hours are long and the sitework can be messy, but the work is challenging and rewarding. I particularly enjoy the way the academic principals I learnt within my degree are never as clear cut as when taught but require modification and fine tuning for applications in the real world where common sense and financial limitations can dictate the ultimate solution to the problem.

I feel that over the past six months I have acquired a greater understanding of how environmental management is conducted in the real world than over the four years spent at university. I’ve also met some really interesting clients that I’ve learnt a lot of life skills from, as a result I’m looking forward to meeting a lot more in the next few years. I’ve found that, in reality, maintaining a pristine environment must be conducted in a way that allows the growth of business and industries and is not the black and white of nature is good, development is bad that is so commonly assumed. The most challenging, but also most rewarding aspect of my job, is to find methods that allow such growth while satisfying the requirements of the environmental regulatory bodies. Therefore, allowing the growth of British industry while ensuring a sustainable future for it.

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