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February 18, 2014
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March 18, 2014

Succesful tender for Sewage Treatment Improvements at National Trust Property Packwood House

Peak Associates have successfully tendered for Drainage Investigations & Feasibility study of options for Improved Sewage treatment at National Trust, Packwood House. The investigations carried out by Peak Associates Environmental Consultants Ltd identified that the existing septic tanks were of insufficient size and inappropriate design to be incorporated into the design of a new treatment system to serve the property. Options for the replacement of the existing treatment for one, which is compliant with Environmental legislation, have been provided.

Undersized septic tanks can be a common problem, particularly on older properties which may have seen increased flow. If a treatment system is not adequately sized, or is not correctly maintained on a regular basis, this can lead to poor treatment of the sewage effluent. The result of this is a discharge to ground or surface water which may be harmful to the environment and could lead to enforcement action by the Environment Agency. Peak Associates' expertise has helped numerous clients keep up to date with current guidance and legislation on sewage treatment options.

This work continues Peak's excellent working relationship with the National Trust across the country. In recent years we have worked for the National Trust in Wales and the North West on a number of projects

In Wales, our most recent work with the NT included the sizing and development of a reed bed system for the Conway Centre. This provided excellent treatment of the the sewage effluent from the centre prior to discharge to the Menai Straits. Peak undertook all liaison with planners, local interest groups and the Environment Agency to make sure that this was correctly installed and all regulations were strictly adhered to while improving the centre's environmental impact. The further benefit of this was for the educational use of the centre. This allowed school parties and groups visiting the centre to safely view the system and learn about the natural processes breaking down the effluent to ensure minimal impact on the environnment.

In the North West, Peak worked first at the National Trust property Tatton Park, though our relationship with Cheshire County Council (now Cheshire East), this involved a major re-drainage of the site to separate sewage effluent and surface water, to reduce the pressure on the sewage treatment facilities. In negotiation with the Environment Agency, Peak also installed new sewage treatment plants to ensure that full treatment of effluent is provided prior to discharge to groundwater. Our work at this site still continues with regular monitoring of groundwater quality to ensure the effluent is not having a negative impact on water quality, and liaison with the Environment Agency's Officer for this area.

Following this, Peak Associates have also undertaken Environmental Audits for all Trust owned properties in the North West. The purpose of this was to update and assess the Trust's records on assets which may require maintenance and/or be causing environmental impact. This included private water supplies and storage, oil tanks, and sewage treatment works. Due to the wide variety of properties owned and maintained by the Trust, this process helped them keep an up to date record of the condition of their system, and ensure appropriate maintenance and replacements were scheduled. If your site is in need of an Environmental Audit see information on our site auditting service or contact us for more information.


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