Peak Associates conduct Great Crested Newt surveys.

Peak Associates attended the final of the Cheshire FA’s Senior Cup.
April 18, 2014
Environmental Consultant Intern 2014. John Crayston
May 18, 2014

Peak Associates have been working on gaining a Great Crested Newt Licence for Hancocks Contractors

Peak Associates have been conducting Great Crested Newt surveys on Middleton Nature Reserve, for Hancocks Contractors Ltd. Torch surveys and newt traps have confirmed that a healthy population of newts is present on the reserve. The population has grown since surveys were conducted in 2005 and newt hibernacula were constructed as part of their Reasonable Avoidance Measures by Hancocks Contractors Ltd in 2010. The data from these newt surveys will be used to help Hancocks Contractors Ltd attain a Great Crested Newt licence to enable works to ensure that their site is 'newt safe'. These surveys are being conducted as part of an environmental permit application for their site, which is being run by Peak Associates.



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