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Minnie joins the Peak Associates team

Since completing my first Degree at the University of Huddersfield in chemistry I have been working for Peak Associates as their newest Environmental Chemist. Many of the projects I have been involved with are fundamentally chemistry related issues, meaning I have been able to apply my knowledge and support my colleagues wherever possible.

Although I have only been here a few months, I am very much enjoying the challenge of learning a new industry that sometimes veers from my academic background. Having gained experience applying chemistry to real scenarios, I have learned the importance of the problem-solving and critical thinking skills I developed during my bachelor’s degree.

The role I have taken at Peak Associates has also allowed me to expand my knowledge of areas I have never studied, such as Hydrology. I never realised water could be so interesting! I am now able to confidently carry out Flood Risk Assessments and I am hoping to build on these skills, the aim of which is to gain the title of Flood Risk Analyst.

Day to day life differs at Peak Associates, offering a variety of projects. I have always been a keen researcher and I have found this job is allowing me to learn a broad range of topics that both build on knowledge gained during my degree and new subjects within environmental science that I have not previously had an opportunity to study.

Although the job can be challenging at times, it is allowing me to develop into a young professional and I am very excited by the future opportunities this role may offer.


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