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November 21, 2017
50% of SMEs Are Failing To Comply With Waste Regulations: Are You One of Them?
November 21, 2017

Metal Recycling Facility – Site Auditing And Drainage Checks

Peak Associates has been working for a metal recycling company with sites in Yorkshire and Tyne & Wear. We have completed a series of environmental audits in the run up to submitting applications to the EA for permit variations.

The permit variations will allow each site to sort and process Metal Recycling Facility (MRF) can waste. Though this MRF can produces >70% ferrous metal, it is the non-metal content (i.e. plastic and cardboard) which are not permitted by the EA.

Through detailed consultation with the client and the EA, including facilitating stakeholder meetings, Peak Associates has found solutions for all parties over an agreed time scale. Positive outcomes of the project were that the client was confident in their site compliance, they maintained good relations with their local EA officer, and as they can now process MRF can this has opened up significant additional revenue to their business.

The permit application process also highlighted other environmental areas our client was eager to address, including re-drainage: odour management and fire prevention plans. Peak Associates has provided solutions to all of these issues and provided practical measures for improvements and to reduce risks to the environment.

Revised Environmental Management Systems, Fire Prevention Plans and Odour Management Plans have been produced to latest industry guidance and approved by the EA. The Odour Management Plan produced by Peak Associates is now regarded as a model document by the local EA officers. We continue to support the client with waste permitting compliance through liaison with the EA, follow up audits and legal guidance.


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