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March 18, 2014
All the way to the second round
March 18, 2014

Mark Partington 'couldn't be more satisfied'

Farmer Mark Partington 'couldn't be more satisfied' with the service he got from Peak Associates when silage liquor from his tenanted farm leaked into the local fishing lodge and killed over 1000 fish.

'My neighbour was caught out like this last year and ended up paying a fine of £10,000 and several thousand pounds of costs. But after attending the incident, working with the EA and to be fair being pretty tough with the landlord (Peel Holdings) they worked with the NFU's legal team to put a very good factual report and plea together that the Agency accepted in Court. I was fined a total of £400 with £600 in costs (about 10% of the total claimed) it's all down to the service provided by Peak.

Mark added 'I could not be more pleased with the service Peak and the NFU have provided. In my mind I'd set the £10,000 aside to cover the fine but as the maximum fine had increased from £20,000 to £50,000 since my neighbour was prosecuted I don't know what I would have done if I'd had to pay more. There would not have been this sort of money in the business. Now the money I've set aside can be invested in my farm and business.

Managing Director Mike Matthews who led the investigation and mitigation team said. It's always great to get a result in Court but the hard work starts as soon as you get to site. You have to establish a relationship with the regulator, find out what's gone wrong and then work hard for the client to put their side of the story to the Environment Agency ideally before you get to Court. It's also often worth using sound scientific investigation techniques to; quantify any short term environmental impact and track how long it takes for eco-systems to bounce back. In that way we reckon our service regularly takes several thousand pounds off a fine and costs so the money saved can be ploughed back into the business.

Many insurers like NFU cover this support after an incident and whilst no one wants to have an accidental incident we can make the consequences less painful and less costly.


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