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November 21, 2017
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May 10, 2018

Flood Risk Assessment and Culvert Design

Following the completion of a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) and liaison with the local planning authority for a site in Salford, Peak Associates have completed a design for a culvert of a stream on the site to facilitate the development of two residential buildings.

The catchment of the stream has been investigated using historic maps, a CCTV survey of outfalls into the stream and local utilities. Using data collected the proposed culvert has been sized to cope with the expected rainfall for a 1 in 100 year rainfall event.

The culvert design by Peak Associates would divert a section of the stream in order to ensure the residential properties will be above the potential flood area.

Peak Associates is also liaising with a sewage undertaker regarding their discharges to the stream and their damaged assets.


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