Peak successful once again in taking on regulators
January 15, 2019

Carl heads down a new track

On 26th July 2018 Peak Associates Environmental Consultants attended a staff day at a local railway to bid farewell to our customer care liaison Carl Owen while also carrying out an Environmental Audit of the site.

The railway is a charity aiming to keep Britain’s industrial railway heritage alive. With plans for a new engine shed on site, Peak Associates conducted an Environmental Audit of the site. Whilst there we took the opportunity to ride the footplate and nobody was more thrilled to fuel the furnace than Carl.

After two years at Peak Associates, it was nice to see Carl thoroughly enjoy his last day and we wish him all the best as he heads down a new track in his career.

The railway’s plan will see a new engine shed on the railyard. However, environmental aspects were encountered upon our site visit that will need to be tackled before they can go full steam ahead with the development.

Peak associates put together a report that outlined both mandatory requirements and advisory guidelines for the railways development plans, the result of which will be them becoming an eco-friendly operation.

This proved to be an excellent staff day out for all the team, including long-standing staff members, new interns and new graduates and we look forward to working with the railway further down the line.


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